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We regret that this year’s 2020 show has been cancelled.

We intend to return in 2021

Save the Day - Aug 21st 2021

We are currently

seeking sponsors

for our 2021 Show.


If you think you can

help us in staging

this community event

please contact us

by email to:






Originally an idea of Committee member Mandy, the 200+ Club has for several years helped raise money towards the cost of staging the Annual Show.
For a small contribution of 1 a month supporters could help finance the organisation of the next show. It may seem a small amount, but with wider support it makes it easier for us to keep the show as a free event. A first prize of 100 is paid out every month, and there are even discounts if you pay for a year at a time.
Please help us. Please join our 200+ Club. Apply now online. Or email us to arrange collection from home   ( 200club@auckleyshow.co.uk )

Join Us in our club.

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Cash Prizes every month

Discounts on annual membership

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Play at drawing your own numbers. - For fun only  


1st Prize Winners 

 (100) :


August    729 Barry Winfield

July       47 Beverley Morris

June     341 Alan Muddiman

May      596 Heather Newby

April      701 Michael Smith

March    054 Brian Coupe

February 417 Jo Rushton

January  054 Brian Coupe 







1st Prize Winners 

 (100) :


December 679 Michelle Harrison

November 102 Andy Wright

October   125 Mark Woodward

September 698  Mrs Robinson

August    59 Georgina Woodward

July      151 Dan Lovell

June     697 Trevor Durrant

May      702 Sandra Ward

April     590 Di & Malc McAdam

March    136 Alma Borrows

February 133 Claire Rhodes

January  338 Eddie Lambe


previous years results