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BEFORE booking please read our terms and conditions shown below

Next show is 17th August 2024
 Indoor Craft Marquee
     a stand within our craft marquee, it is provided with a table ( approx 1.8m x 0.75, and a chair)

 Outdoor Field Pitches
    on field pitch, no equipment provided. You may erect a suitable gazebo and provide own table &c
    - must be WITHIN pitch area

3m frontage x 3m depth (without parking on pitch)

 3m frontage (WITH parking on/close to pitch) trade area is 3m x 3m

 6m frontage x 6m depth (parking permitted WITHIN pitch area

see terms and conditions below


( Catering Stands and Fairground Attractions are negotiated individually,
please contact us directly for details of application process. )


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 Charities and Discounts

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any discounts to charities or not-for-profit organisations due to the substantial costs and extra additional overheads in running the event.

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Information given on all our forms may be stored electronically or otherwise to enable us to contact you for the purposes of the Show and the services you have requested of us. We do NOT supply the information to any other bodies without your permission. You may request us to amend or remove your information at any time.

Catering Stands and Fairground Attractions are now negotiated individually,
please contact the show directly for details of application process.

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-  No electrical power is provided, no piped water is provided -
Waste is to be removed
-  All trade materials and equipment is to be within booked pitch area
-  Only Craft Marquee pitches are provided with tables
-  Field Sites are pitch only, no equipment is provided

All Catering, Attractions & Specials are by seperate negotiation contact us before applying.

Types of stalls may be limited to balance range of traders 
     but you will not be offered an exclusive trading classification

-   Adequate trade parking is provided adjacent the Show Field.
           Only specified pitches have immediately adjacent parking allocated


Sat 19th Aug 2024


2024 - Subject to Revision

The committee’s decision on all matters is final

No Tombola other than Official Show
No Raffle other than Official Show
No Catering other than contracted in advance
Fairground Attractions by individual contract only
Prizes in the form of cigarettes or live animals are NOT ALLOWED.
The committee may impose any requirement deemed necessary to protect public health without prior notice.

The number of individual stalls or entertainments will be restricted by class or type.

All stands to be on site by 9.30am  (Late arrivals treated as cancellation)

Trading time  10.30 am to 5.00 pm

No equipment, vehicles or goods outside the designated stand limit.
Separate car park. Limited loading times.

In the event of Cancellation of booking by trader, Refunds shall be as follows:

Cancellations more than 6 weeks prior to show  - 100%
Cancellations 4 - 6 weeks prior to show  - 50%
Cancellations less than 4 weeks prior to show - NIL
No catering allowed other than previously agreed and contracted by committee.
    Fairground Rides, Bouncy Castles etc, & Caterers are subject to prior Agreement with the committee.
ALL TRADERS must have their own
Risk Assessment
PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE which must be displayed
CATERERS must display appropriate council Hygiene Rating Notice
                               (copies must be made available to the committee)


NO PARKING ON CRAFT STALLS, Parking on trade stands must be inside stand area.

Parking permits are for ONE car in space as booked.
A separate trade car park is provided for all other trade parking.
(Any vehicle parked at a trade stand must be wholly within booked area otherwise additional charges will be made. Free parking is available in public car park Vehicles larger than a car may be directed to alternative parking areas )
The committee retain the right to cancel any booking at any time, in which case compensation will be limited to the total of any fees already paid to the Show Committee.
Traders are responsible to provide their own insurance and must operate in a safe manner. They are responsible for their own legal conduct and must observe any legal obligation that applies to their trade or attendance.
Evidence of safety certification and any required registrations must be made available upon request and should be displayed whilst trading if appropriate.


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