Chairmans Report

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Chairman’s Report Auckley Show 2018

Simply the best ever, not just the committee’s decision but yours too, evidenced by all the positive feedback we have received. A real community atmosphere from beginning to end with something for everyone. I have taken the decision not to thank anyone personally by name for making it happen, there’s too many to mention. Just a massive thankyou to all who helped and supported us. In particular this year the tombola and raffle donations were very generous. We took a big risk with the finances to develop the outside stage area. It worked absolutely brilliantly bringing a new dimension to the show. We are already planning for next year to develop the concept further with a refreshment bar close by.

The weather was kind to us over the weekend which boosted the numbers attending, many for the first time were astonished at the size of the event tucked away at the side of the river Torne.

558 Squadron Air Cadets got everyone one in and out very smoothly and more importantly safely. At peak time the car park area was about full to capacity.

We continued to break records with the exhibits increased to 785, I do hope we can get to 1000 next year. What is very apparent is the increase in the children’s exhibits which is very encouraging, let’s get them interested at an early age.

May I ask that you think of your talents and how you could, in any way, contribute towards this wonderful community event?

Maybe you could offer a sponsorship or donation. Could you help over the Show weekend or spend one evening a month on the friendly committee planning for next year? What about joining our 200 club the monthly 1 per month draw.

We have our next meeting 7.30pm Wednesday 19th September in the Parish Centre Main Street Auckley. The Agenda as always is ‘Learning the lessons’ where we discuss all the positives and the negatives to improve and ‘fine tune’ for next year. All are welcome to put their views forward.

Next year the date is set for Saturday 17th August 2019, as always the third Saturday in August, we can’t wait to get started planning for it.

By the time we go to print our photographs will have been uploaded onto our web site please take time to take a look. There are also all the results of the various competitions including Exhibits, Raffle, Dog Show, Scarecrow Festival and Ninja Warrior.

If you have any comments or queries I can be contacted on 01302 770818 or e-mail


Neil Woodward

Chairman Auckley Show