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Who’s Coming to the Show?

We hope to have a line up of good family entertainment for the day.

Among those there to make the most of your day will be;

For the children

Andy and friends

Mr Dan

Mr Magic

Special Animal Display by Ferret World

Plus the musical Talents of


Helen Evans

Anabel Tang

Cosmic 21

The Doncaster Ukele Group




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Doncaster Ukulele Group
Returning to Auckley Show this year, we welcome The Doncaster Adult Ukulele Group. The group formed in 2015 to bring together like minded individuals playing fun, up-beat songs from all eras on the ever-increasingly popular little instrument. With over 50 members and a repertoire of over 100 singalong anthems, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


The Ferretworld Roadshow brings along either an exhibition which is open all day with a member of staff on duty to give information and let the public have an up close look at ferrets. Our ferret display is a visual Feast of Ferrets suitable for all age groups. There are information boards alongside the display too. Trained ferrets are on display in cages and communal enclosure. Our ferret display is a visual Feast of Ferrets suitable for all age groups.
In addition we do 2 arena displays in an arena, lasting approximately 30 to 40 minutes, giving a funny but informative talk about the ferret.. Simon Bishop gives a talk on the history of ferrets, where they came from and what they are used for, right up to the modern ferreter and the equipment they use. As part of his talk Simon also brings in animal welfare, the food chain and possible health problems that owners new and old may experience from time to time. Following this is a Ferret Fun Run.
A second talk is given, this time on ferrets as pets, ferret clubs and welfares plus the social side of ferrets. Following this shorter talk, the Ferret Fun Run begins in earnest whereby the younger members of the audience take an active part in the race by going head to head with the ferrets in special tubes their size. The audience can "Race the Ferret" - usually the younger members but we do have a 100cm pipe for adults if they want a go ! Fun and laughter for all. This part is definitely "hands on". Simon acts as race official and judge for the races, but everyone wins in the end ! We aim for two teams, the children not only racing the ferret but also the other team.
Throughout the day, whenever Simon isn't appearing in the arena, he is usually available for Q & A on all aspects of ferrets.

Saturday Evening


The Eagle and Child Outdoor Stage returns once again for 2023 in its NEW FESTIVAL TENT. With an amazing opportunity to showcase the fantastic talent from around Doncaster. There’s something for everyone throughout the day, even with a mobile bar close by too! Come and find us at the far end of the show site to listen to some rock, pop, Americana and much, MUCH more.


Helen Evans.

A performer for all taste, you’ll hear jazz, rock, swing, 80s just to start. She really brings the stage alive.

Anabell, an amazing 9 year old solo drummer who has been recognised nationally for her talents. She has played on BBC’s Children in need, accompanied by Owain Wyn Evans, has attracted the judges attention on “Britain’s Got Talent” and is no stranger to the rock stage.

She said: “My favourite thing about drumming is making people smile and being creative.“My three favourite bands are Queen, Nirvana and Def Leppard and my favourite drummer is Neil Peart from Rush.

Anabell’s greatest achievement with her drumming talents is participating in the national drum competition, Drum-Off. Anabell competed against other young musicians and won a place in the global event with a four minute solo entry she composed herself. She said: “One day I’d like to be in a rock band and go on tour as a drummer.”
Anabell’s mother, Abby commented: “I’m so proud of her for all she’s done and her attitude towards everything.”

Going on to earn more than six sponsorships for her drumming talents, Anabell seems set to succeed in what is typically a male-dominated industry of rock music and drums.


Cosmic 21

Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Cosmic21 are a young, talented music band made up of three spectacular young people wanting to bring funky tunes to the ears of the nation. Constantly working hard and striving to improve through every performance: experience is everything.

Chilli Nachos are a new bad of older guys with a shared love of music. They formed in 2023 old friends and new, one of whom had not played in a band for 25 years ,the others were playing open mike nights in Doncaster as solo performers or had recently got in touch over shared friends and decided to get together and give it a go. They play mostly coversĀ  from 60's 70's and 80's and simply love playing music .


Vocalist in Cosmic21, Jess’ musical inspirations include Oasis, Blondie, The Rasmus, Britney Spears and George Michael. One of her life ambitions is to travel the world and number one on her bucket list is to skydive over The Palm in Dubai.


Hello, I’m Angus and I am the guitarist in Cosmic21. I have been playing guitar for around 6 years and I play a Fender Stratocaster and an Epiphone Les Paul standard pro. I love to play all genres of music; my favourites being funk, rock and pop. My top artists are Nile Rogers, Bon Jovi and the Cutting Crew.


Hello my name is Finlay and I am the bass guitarist with Cosmic21. My musical inspirations include Jamiroquai, Level 42 and bass player, Victor Wooten.


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