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Back with a Theme.

This year the theme is Occupations. We will once again be creating a map to guide you around the village to meet our “visitors”. So please do send in a photo of your scarecrow and tell us where to find them.

Once you have made a scarecrow, please send a picture and details to
 and we will include it in our scarecrow 2023 online gallery. Alternatively find our page on facebook (@theAuckleyShow )
 or share on Twitter (@AuckleyShow )


Let all the family get imaginative and creative.


We would like to see the scarecrows arriving in July ready for the Show on August 19th, but it is never too soon to start planning.

The Auckley Scarecrow Festival heralds the coming of the show, when throughout July and August the village hosts the arrival of many colourful character scarecrows. Singly and in groups they appear in gardens across the village, all with a story to tell, and on show day many find their way to the marquee to celebrate with the rest of their friends.

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HOW to build your scarecrow

Just a few tips if you are considering taking part in the
Auckley "let's put the CARE in sCAREcrows" supporting our NHS and Key Workers.


BODY. Start by fastening two lengths of wood together to form a basic cross. Use one of about 6 ft (2m) and another about 5 ft (1.5m) for the cross piece to support the arms.
 (you can use a shorter cross piece and leave the arms dangling if you wish)

You can either stuff the body first and then tie to the frame, or you can put the cross piece through a shirt’s arms before tying to the upright pole, then fasten the shirt and stuff it.

Fasten the cuffs with string or cable ties. Hands can be made from gloves, or you can just leave the arms without hands – it really doesn’t matter.

Trousers should be tied at the cuffs and stuffed. Fasten them to the pole below the body and fix body and legs together using safety pins. You can tie string to belt loops and use as braces over the shoulders of your scarecrow.

Feet can be made from old shoes and boots. Or a pair of stuffed socks will do.


HEAD. A lot of the look of a scarecrow comes from the head. Lots of things can be used for the head. Traditionally an old sack, but other ways are possible. An old pillow case (fill half way and tie – using the rest to fix it to the body), a football, a bucket, the middle of a pair of tights, or create a papier-mache head using a balloon, newspaper and glue and paint it to make it waterproof.
 Draw on a face, using marker pens, or cut out shapes and stick on, or use other objects to make features (pingpong balls for eyes, pipe cleaners or thick wool for eyebrows, pegs for noses)
 Add hair and maybe a beard. Don’t worry if it’s not neat. Use straw or string or an old mop.


STUFFING. Straw is very good, but if you have any bubble wrap from all them home deliveries use it as stuffing. It's much cleaner lighter than straw and waterproof.

Don’t use paper if at all possible, it can get wet when it rains and becomes soggy and the scarecrow can collapse. If you do have to use paper, consider packing it into plastic bags to keep it dry.

A good way to make tidy arms and legs is to use an old pair of tights, stuffed and then put into shirt and trousers.


EXTRAS. Give your scarecrow its character by the things you add, such as hats, uniforms, bags and things to carry. They all give your scarecrow a story. If you think your scarecrow might not like the dark then you can add lights, just make sure they are safe for outdoor use.


When you have finished your scarecrow, find somewhere to fix him/her, take a photo and send it to and let us know where to find it.


Have fun.


 If anyone has any more tips I'm sure we would all love to hear about them.

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