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A Few Tips for Exhibitors




1. Please make sure you read the schedule and count your exhibits, an extra potato or carrot will not be judged and marked N.T.S. (not to schedule)




2. Vegetables should generally be as large as possible, exceptions being potatoes and beetroot where judges like to see good clean medium sized exhibits, look for the requisite number of even sized exhibits – 4 good medium tomatoes will usually beat 3 big ones plus a little one.




3. Judges tend to favour cucumber or courgettes with the flower or its remains intact.




4. For the adult class, paintings etc should be nicely framed and clean. Not so important in the children’s class.




5. Baking should be well cooked but not overdone, again make sure you enter the correct quantity.




6. Jam, pickles etc should be in clean clear glass containers.




7. Arts and crafts exhibits should be clean and free of creases.




8. To enable judging to be done fairly, please do not put your name on the front of the exhibits.




9. Flowers should be as fresh as possible; dropped petals may lose you points.




10. Wines – although any bottle will be accepted, to really impress the judge use 26 fluid oz clear punted bottles fitted with a flanged cork stopper. Screw tops will be accepted.




11 Beer Lager, any bottle will be accepted but to impress the judge, the use of 1 pint plain brown bottles, sealed with a crown top is ideal.




12. Please do not be afraid to have a go, challenge your neighbour to have a go, a little friendly competition can be good fun. If you are beaten, resolve to win next year.




Please Note every effort will be made to look after your exhibits, but accidents do happen. So please do not enter any item of extreme monetary or sentimental value that could be possibly damaged

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