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and supported by
Auckley Spar

We are currently

seeking sponsors

for our 2022 Show.


If you think you can
help us in staging
this community even
please contact us
by email to:




The Auckley Show

About Our Sponsors

We are pleased to have the support of our sponsors.

Find out more about them;


amazone.co.uk            Amazone

yorkshirewildlifepark.com  Yorkshire Wildlife Park


artesianspas.co.uk           Artesian Spas UK

attenboroughcars.co.uk      Attenborough Cars, Branton

coop.co.uk                Co-Op Food Auckley

eagleandchildauckley.co.uk  Eagle & Child

facebook.com/auckleyfriery  Auckley Friery

facebook.com/FeedtheBirdsBlaxton   Feed the Birds, Blaxton

auckleyvillage.co.uk                   Auckley Parish Council

Cantley with Branton Parish Council


gbm accounts                       Chartered Management Accountants

greensleeves-uk.com        Greensleeves Lawncare Doncaster

hayfield-heating-ltd.         Hayfield Heating Ltd

liftingsupportservices.com      Lifting Support Services Ltd

taylorbracewell.co.uk          Taylor Bracewell Solicitors


And Thank you to the following who provide great assistance to the Show

arrowpublications.co.uk        The Branton & Auckley Arrow

danumharriers.co.uk/          Danum Harriers Running Club

mudfordmarquees.co.uk        George Mudford & Sons Ltd


558 (Finningley) Squadron      Air Training Corps

steveharrattphotography.co.uk     Photography

https://bit.ly/2Wij82U         Spar Auckley