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Save the Day - Aug 21st 2021

We are currently

seeking sponsors

for our 2021 Show.


If you think you can

help us in staging

this community event

please contact us

by email to:






The Auckley Show

About Our Sponsors

We are pleased to have the support of our sponsors.

Find out more about them;

www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com   Yorkshire Wildlife Park

http://www.amazone.co.uk       Amazone

www.vhe.co.uk                 VHE

www.eagleandchildauckley.co.uk  Eagle & Child

www.facebook.com/auckleyfriery  Auckley Friery


558 (Finningley) Squadron           Air Training Corps

auckleyvillage.co.uk                   Auckley Parish Council

Cantley with Branton Parish Council

wow.arrowpublications.co.uk        The Branton & Auckley Arrow

gbm accounts                            Chartered Management Accountants

liftingsupportservices.com            Lifting Support Services Ltd


www.mudfordmarquees.co.uk        George Mudford & Sons Ltd

www.steveharrattphotography.co.uk     Photography





  • Artesian Spas Uk Ltd
  • Auckley Parish Council a substantial financial donation towards the general cost of the Show
  • Auckley Spar
  • Everyone who contributes especially
  • CEJ Motors at Branton as the main contributors to the Famous ‘Auckley Show Tombola’.
  • Feed the Birds Blaxton
  • gbm accounts
  •   -         ‘The Tug Of War’
  • Lifting Support Services,
  • Revive Business Recovery
  • Walkers Nursery